Pretty Lights teases unreleased music in the new ‘Pretty Lights USB 2.0’PrettyLights LiveGram

Pretty Lights teases unreleased music in the new ‘Pretty Lights USB 2.0’

Just a few months ago, Pretty Lights launched an ingenius marketing campaign— sending a select number of loyal fans USB drives filled a number of unreleased music, remixes, and posters featuring dates for upcoming performances.

Given the instant success of the initial campaign, it is unsurprising to see Pretty Lights bring out a new iteration of the scheme, “Pretty Lights USB 2.0.” The new 16 track compilation features 9 previously unreleased tracks and has been released just before his maiden Episodic Festival performance.

The playlist features an eclectic selection of hip-hop inspired music, including a remix of Wrong Platform with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. If the producer’s recent output is any indication, his flyaway festival in Puerto Rico is sure to stun.

The entire playlist can also be downloaded via Google Drive.


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