Rinzen crafts a poignant rework of ATTLAS’s ‘Aspen’Rinzen Press Shot Michael Drummond 1

Rinzen crafts a poignant rework of ATTLAS’s ‘Aspen’

Rinzen is the brand new gift that keeps on giving in the realms of techno and proper progressive house. Through a select number of releases, such as his hard-hitting “Renegade,” and a special appearance at the Mixmag Lab in LA, the burgeoning producer has more than proven his worth on the underground circuit and his fierce drive to carve out his own unique niche within it.

The next development on Rinzen’s end comes in the form of a commissioned remix for “Aspen,” a breakthrough hit from fellow mau5trap member ATTLAS. The original is a sentimental progressive house piece featuring a sample of the Indian national anthem sung by a children’s choir, and made waves among his fans upon its release.

Somehow, “Aspen” is transformed into an even more heart-wrenching piece under Rinzen’s watch as the LA native bolsters the original’s central vocal sample and distinctive hook with hints of analog arpeggios and his signature darkened synths. Each sonic element of the re-work joins together into a poignantly beautiful soundscape – haunting, impactful, and overwhelmingly Rinzen in its general vibe. Given his track record of crafting excellent remixes, it comes as no surprised that such the task of remixing such a dynamic track was entrusted to him by the mau5trap team. Furthermore, his re-work is built up from scratch and made into something completely his own.

“I remember watching ATTLAS’s career unfold on mau5trap back in 2015/2016 and being overcome with envy. Rather than treat it as a negative emotion, however, I looked to it as an internal map, telling me where I wanted to go,” Rinzen explains when discussing the remix. It’s safe to say that the music world became blessed when he decided to follow down the path of music production.

Featured image by Michael Drummond.

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