Savoy & Grabbitz – Contemplate (Original Mix)Savoy Grabbitz Contemplate

Savoy & Grabbitz – Contemplate (Original Mix)

It’s a match made in heaven.

Dynamic trio Savoy teamed up with skilled producer and vocalist Grabbitz to release a song that impeccably combines both of their styles.

As Grabbitz shifts his music in a more performance-based, rock hybrid direction, working together with a group that bill themselves as “electronic rock music” made perfect sense. In a May interview with Dancing Astronaut, Grabbitz noted that his style and Savoy’s “fit together and coincide in a way,” making way for the beautiful blending of genres that is “Contemplate.”

Grabbitz’s soulful vocals unite with a softer side of Savoy’s typically edgy rock sound. “Contemplate” has an effortless ’80s groove to it, with a carefree synth melody that floats smoothly throughout the course of the song.

The production in the Monstercat release is flawless, showcasing all four artists’ attention to detail and ability to build a song that’s accessible for fans of all genres.

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