Here are Skrillex’s top 10 rules to successSkrille Birthday

Here are Skrillex’s top 10 rules to success

Any and all aspiring music industry professionals want to be successful in some way, shape, or form. Whether that be having a No. 1 hit, or even just making an impression on the right people, music industry professionals from all over the world want to leave their mark. It goes without saying that Skrillex has made an impression many times over, and his success will ring true for years to come. Since his breakthrough in the dubstep scene at the turn of the decade, Sonny Moore has started the extremely successful OWSLA record label, smashed the world record for most Grammys by an electronic music artist, and headlined at numerous shows around the world.

Over the years Moore has thrown down little pieces as to why he’s been so massively successful. Thankfully, author, entrepreneur, and YouTuber Evan Carmichael has picked up those pieces and compiled them into one convenient video. Taking footage from sources such as Skrillex’s The Same Place documentary earlier this year, the video compiles “Skrillex’s Top 10 Rules of Success.”

“Maybe there’s no science in what it takes to be called a musician because [making music on a computer] wasn’t called music even a couple years ago. The first time I went to the Grammys people were still like ‘Why is this guy at the Grammys? He’s not making music. He’s on a computer.'”

Here’s a short version of Skrillex’s rules for success, according to Carmichael:

  1. Cultivate your own thing
  2. Express energy
  3. Don’t be afraid to fail
  4. Push the boundaries
  5. Take a leap
  6. Ignore haters
  7. Be focused
  8. Be an enabler
  9. Word hard
  10. Have fun with your mistakes


  1. Be motivated by success
  2. Pay attention to feedback
  3. Do what makes you happy

“Everyone at some point is just a guy or a person, but if you enable someone to help out and be a part of something, I think that’s amazing! That’s a true leader: when you can enable someone that’s under you.”

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