Sofi Tukker alludes to cheeky forthcoming record on fiery new single ‘Fuck They’965c2a2b680ea0fd699d5324b7341336.

Sofi Tukker alludes to cheeky forthcoming record on fiery new single ‘Fuck They’

Sofi Tukker doesn’t give a f**k about they.

But who’s they, anyway?

The duo’s latest profanity ridden single, “Fuck They,” marks a departure from the delivery the New York-based duo established on their 2016 debut Soft Animals. On that EP, the pair had synthesized a rather distinct blend melding Portuguese, bossa nova rhythms, bongo drums, electronic synths, and bass lines. Now, while managing to maintain this eclectic jungle-pop style, they’re not holding anything back.

In a recent interview with W Magazine, the two discussed the meaning behind the tune,

“The whole premise is ‘f— they’—the people that are trying to hold us back from being who we are, being ourselves really loudly,” Hawley-Weld explained. “The profanity’s even part of it.”

“Fuck They,” is a celebration of the duo’s creativity. It’s a declaration and finger pointing at the absurdity that lies within the way labels may even be reluctant to work with the group following the release of this profanity-laced single. “They” have also encouraged Sofi Tukker to tone down it according to the two, or as Hawley-Weld put it, worked to “dictate our creativity.”

If the duo’s debut hit “Drinkee,” a track the two wrote as seniors at Brown University and earned their first Grammy nomination this past year, is infectious jungle-pop that makes its listener want to dance, then “Fuck They,” will make its listener want to rage.

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