Solomun tackles rave classic, ‘Age Of Love’Solomun Age Of Love Remi

Solomun tackles rave classic, ‘Age Of Love’

Released in 1990, Age Of Love’s self-titled track was one of the first where trance-y elements began showing up in techno as the genre slowly defined itself. Its memorable, enticing hook, vocal elements that now carry a huge nostalgic signature, and driving bass-line made the tune an instant classic, which went on to receive a number of remixes from respectable artists at the time.

Solomun recently decided to provide his own contemporary take on the anthem, transforming it into a far more minimal groover that fits into his musical aesthetic. He adds an ethereal touch to the central hook, dressing it in flute-esque synths. Gritty bits of bass and lush layers of percussion add toughness to the finished product, making it perfect for the deep jungle or for the after hours dance-floor.

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