Stream ODESZA’s ‘Bedtime Mix’ for BBC Radio 1Odesza

Stream ODESZA’s ‘Bedtime Mix’ for BBC Radio 1

A little over a month remains until September 8, the release date ODESZA‘s third LP project, A Moment Apart.

Rest assured too that the boys, Clay and Harrison, are not resting lightly on amping up its release — with several tracks being teased over the last month, a special live online fan Q&A, and a stunning Red Rocks performance featuring much of their new album material. The album will feature the mellifluous vocals of Leon BridgesRegina Spektor and RY X.

Most recently, the Seattle-based duo has taken their indie-electronica talents to the behind the decks of BBC Radio 1 for a laid-back collection of tunes for the ‘Bedtime Mix’ with Phil Taggart.

In a humble move, the guys of ODESZA opt not to necessarily use the BBC Mix as a platform to show off their album material but, more so, to broadcast their acute, eclectic musical tastes. The product is a seamless and sumptuous acoustic journey through sonic time, taking you on a dreamlike pilgrimage through a track list that includes Air’s “Alone in Kyoto,” Gidge’s “Huldra,” and Odd Nosdam’s “Ethereal Slap.”

Listen to ODESZA’s ‘Bedtime Mix’ here.

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