Sultan + Shepard Ft. Nadia Ali & IRO – Almost Home [Exclusive]Sultan Shepard Almost Home

Sultan + Shepard Ft. Nadia Ali & IRO – Almost Home [Exclusive]

Canadian duo Sultan + Shepard have collaborated with Nadia Ali and IRO to produce a dynamic, progressive house original that will be officially released July 20th on Armin van Buuren’s Armada imprint. The lively track features mellifluous chord progressions, a bouncy, spirited beat, and touching lyrics that tell a story about unwavering love.

Sultan + Shepard state the following on the theme of their newest collaboration:

“‘Almost Home’ on the surface is about being gone from the person you love and reminding them these you will be home soon. But on a deeper level it’s also about the journey that everyone makes to understanding themselves and ‘coming home’ to a place of acceptance and peace.”

“Almost Home” follows Sultan + Shepard’s last release, “Honey Come Back,” which is the artists’ take on the 90’s classic “Honey” by Moby. The two producers are widely known for their signature style which showcases uplifting, melodic chords, stunning, imaginative climaxes, as well as a clean and balanced sound.

Of the new track, IRO says:

“For me, ‘Almost Home’ represents a feeling far greater then just the romance portrayed in the song. It’s a feeling that unites us all. Everywhere we might go there’s always certain people that really mean “home” to us. If not for the love of ourselves I feel like we can all root for the love we share for others and agree to help each other ‘get home.’ Just one more reason to respect the greatest gift of all, life, and maybe together we can break down the walls that keep us apart.

Featuring soothing, harmonious vocals from both Nadia Ali and IRO, the two singer/songwriter’s vocals mesh incredibly as a bittersweet duet is preformed over Sultan + Shepard’s production. Nadia and IRO complete “Almost Home” with their sound, adding the cherry on top of the uniquely catchy piece.

Nadia Ali weighs in with her perspective the single, stating:

“‘Almost home’ is a song about patience and having faith in a bond that is unwavering. It’s a dialogue between two people turning to one another in love with words of affirmation that all will be well eventually.”

“Almost Home” captures every angle of artistry brought forth by Sultan + Shepard, Nadia, and IRO. With each aspect of the track from energetic synths to riveting vocals, “Almost Home” will captivate fans from first listen.

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