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WATCH: ‘Stranger Things’ season two trailer features new S U R V I V E

October can’t come soon enough.

Fortunately, the crew over at Netflix understands fan longing and has debuted the second trailer for Stranger Things‘ highly anticipated season two months in advance.

The short trailer, which was posted on Twitter with the caption “Some doors can’t be closed,” revealed the new series is set to return October 27.

The short clip also includes the caption: “1984 only gets stranger,” hinting to several possibilities in the show’s plotline, as well as a quintessentially eerie tune, of which the show has become known for. The soundtrack will be dubbed once more by the Austin-based synth-pop band S U R V I  V E, who became scoring legends after season one’s spine-chilling sonic journey.

In a recent interview with The Vinyl Factory, S U R V I V E confirmed: “things are going to be a bit darker and weirder” as the characters “are going to spend a little more time in the Upside Down this season.”

The band also mentioned they have been working on their sonic expansion, adding in modular synths, and that “our songs are very much a long, sculpted process of adding and subtracting. I would hope that sonically they have a texture or a tone that would make S U R V I V E sound different than a band that plays in a similar genre.”

Presumably, the group will compliment this new sound with much a darker season, much like fans are given in the new teaser’s ominous red sky.

In so far as confirming a darker season, earlier this year the cast sat down with Emmy magazine, revealing that season two will be “a lot more horror oriented.”  The new horror oriented season is set to consist of 9 episodes, just in time for Halloween.

Episode 1: Madmax
Episode 2: The Boy Who Came Back to Life
Episode 3: The Pumpkin Patch
Episode 4: The Palace
Episode 5: The Storm
Episode 6: The Pollywog
Episode 7: The Secret Cabin
Episode 8: The Brain
Episode 9: The Lost Brother

For now, watch the teaser below: