Synth-pop up-and-comer J.V. releases ‘See You Again’ on Your SecretJv See You Again Cover

Synth-pop up-and-comer J.V. releases ‘See You Again’ on Your Secret

Up-and-coming synth and indie-pop producer Joao Alberton, better known by his moniker J.V., has released his second single on Your Secret, a label owned by Artist Intelligence Agency. J.V.’s previous release, “Armor,” has amassed an impressive 75,000 streams on Your Secret’s SoundCloud.

J.V. is a Brazilian-based singer-songwriter that resides in the “big/small” city of Florianapolis, an island just south of Brazil. The producer grew up in this small town, and this allowed him to dig deep into his musical inspirations and plethora of cultures to find his true passion in producing ambient-driven synth-pop music that heavily draws inspiration from multiple electronic genres, including previous hard-hitting electronic music productions. He’s already garnered a pretty amazing music resume by having releases on Bird Watching Records, Your Secret, having music played on local radio stations, and producing YouTube sensation Trevor Moran’s title (and single) off of his Alive EP. There’s no doubt that J.V. is going to continue riding this synth-pop wave.

“See You Again” begins with a subtle, filtered bass pad that continually rotates throughout the piece. The percussion remains calm and reserved throughout, allowing J.V.’s heartfelt vocals power through the mix. His ability to manipulate, place, and creatively use his vocals and instruments is incredible, and “See You Again” is the perfect example for that.

On the creative process behind the piece, J.V. says the following:

“The song was like, one of the quickest ones I’ve written. The lyrics mostly came during one boring morning in school, and I went home to start ‘materializing’ it. The song paints my angst and frustrations in my love life through a bubbly, pop kinda way (think of pink and blue when listening to it). It’s about those moments when a person comes into your life, and five seconds later they’re gone. But you’re still numb and just can’t handle it anymore. Where I come from, it’s a pretty small town. So it’s almost a given that you’re going to see this person at the worst times, whether it be crossing the street or waiting at the bus stop. And then there’s me hoping to never see you again.”

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