Taste your favorite song with this innovative juicerSqueeze Music

Taste your favorite song with this innovative juicer

Japanese company Nomura has developed an insane piece of technology: a juicer that creates drinks based off of a song.

The juicer, dubbed Squeeze Music, analyzes waveforms of a song for different moods: happy, exciting, romantic, sentimental, and sad. These characteristics are then converted into five flavors: sweet, sour, astringent, salty, and bitter. Happy songs make sweet drinks, while sad songs will have a more bitter taste.

Akinori Goto, a developer of Squeeze Music, says he sees endless possibilities for an invention like this one.

“At a music festival, for example, you can enjoy the experience to have a drink blended according to a song while listening to it at the gig,” he says. “Moreover, we can mix alcohol so it could be served as cocktails in a bar if people want to try that out.”

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