Tensions rise between Spotify and music publishersSpotify Images

Tensions rise between Spotify and music publishers

Spotify has had quite a tumultuous week. After being accused of committing fraud, the Swedish streaming giant is facing new pressure from the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA).

According to the New York Post, music publishers have banded together to demand money from the service for unpaid royalties. In the past, Spotify has claimed that they did not have the specific publisher data to know which songwriters to pay, but the NMPA asserts that is false. The NMPA’s Danielle Aguirre claims that the songwriters have not been paid “despite the musical work — with contact information — [being] clearly available in the records of the copyright office.” While Spotify settled a $43.4 million lawsuit from music publishers just last month, they are insistent that the streaming service has not paid their full dues.

The NMPA is also interested in an equity stake in Spotify, which, set to go public some time in the next year, could be worth up to $13 billion. With Spotify not looking to meet these requests, the NMPA may soon take legal action, which could strongly affect their plans to go public.

H/T: New York Post

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