Watch This: An insider’s look into Odesza’s creative processOdesza

Watch This: An insider’s look into Odesza’s creative process

In a promotional video for Native Instruments, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight have revealed some substantive insights into how they forge the near-universal appeal of their unique project ODESZA.

With the eclectic production software at the core of their design-centric home studio, the pair combines their electronic experimentation with the unique vibe of their Pacific Northwest location into upbeat bass music that strikes a chord with listeners around the globe.

The duo further reveals how the organic nature of their sound stamp is birthed through the serendipitous moments they like to think of as happy accidents: “We’ve found that mistakes really lead to the most interesting ideas.”

Perhaps most interestingly, Mills and Knight delve deeper into the creative process of their upcoming LP, which is set for a September 8th release.

This newest album is, I think, a lot more about growth and progression and maturity. I don’t think we’re trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s really just us pursuing our sound to the fullest. We’ve kind of rediscovered that sound, in some sense, and re-connected to it. It has flavors of what was, but is also something new and progressive.

The band’s third full-length, A Moment Apart, is now available for pre-order.

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