Watch REZZ’s sinister, yet satisfying new music video for ‘Relax’Rezz

Watch REZZ’s sinister, yet satisfying new music video for ‘Relax’

Directed and written by Tyler Hynes, the music video for REZZ‘s latest release,”Relax” awakens the visions which pervade the depths of the artist’s mind, and the inspiration behind her forthcoming debut album, Mass Manipulation. In the video, a woman is being interviewed within the depths of what one can assume is an asylum or institution of some sort, speaking on the fact of how she was saved by a woman.

Flash forward and we have REZZ, sitting upright in a examination chair going through hypnosis. The video takes a turn to the likings of a psychological thriller, showing the artist move throughout the dark halls of the asylum, capturing Polaroid photographs of other trapped within.

Using a sample from an old hypnosis bit, the video ties all together with the sound of a man’s voice guiding us to just “allow yourself to relax.” The mau5trap prodigy has been paving the way for her career over the last year whilst creating some of dance music’s most sinister, bass-laden productions, and now, some of the most chilling music videos.

Alongside the video comes a new piece of supporting merchandise, available in the artist’s merchandise store:

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