The world’s first holographic smartphone has arrivedRed

The world’s first holographic smartphone has arrived

Soon you won’t need to attend an EPIC 5.0 show — although we highly recommend it — to get a look at holograms of stunning quality.
RED, a leading manufacturer of professional digital cinema cameras, has revealed the latest innovation to be added to its arsenal: a smartphone with a holographic display. The announcement of the phone will expand the company’s product range; while RED’s video cameras are frequently used in the creation of festival after movies and have additionally been enlisted by Hollywood to shoot various films — including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things. This will be the manufacturer’s first foray into the phone market.

Titled “Hydrogen One,” the smartphone seeks to revolutionize the market, providing users with a 5.7” holographic display capable of transitioning between 2D, 3D, and holographic Hydrogen 4-View digital material. The phone’s holographic display will displace the special accessories that have to date been necessary to view such content on a smartphone, such as 3D glasses. Hydrogen One will also support VR/AR/MR content.

While Hydrogen One users may shelve their glasses, they might also consider making room on that shelf for their headphones — the smartphone will reportedly rely on a complex algorithm to transform traditional stereo sound into multi-dimensional sound, comparable in quality and clarity to the surround sound achieved by headphones.
Although not due to ship until 2018, Hydrogen One is already available for preorder, with preorder prices for the phone ranging from $1,195 to $1,595. As noted on RED’s website, the current pricing is “available for a limited time only,” signifying that those interested in shooting or viewing content on the world’s first holographic media machine should act fast in order to secure the greatest deal on the smartphone.

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