Alison Wonderland blasts sexist male producer on TwitterAlisonwonderland Dancingastronaut E1486053084464

Alison Wonderland blasts sexist male producer on Twitter

Some brush off Internet trolls by espousing the “haters gonna hate” philosophy — others fire right back. Alison Wonderland is one of the latter, confronting Ukrainian trance producer, Dimitry Bondarenko — better known by his stage name, “Addictive Glance” — via Twitter after Bondarenko made a shockingly sexist comment to the “I Want U” producer.

“At the end of the day the only thing that matters in this industry is the music. Don’t forget,” Wonderland wrote in a rather benign, inspiring tweet. Yet Bondarenko had other thoughts, retorting “you’d never be who you are now in that case, tits and blowjobs seems to be working equally effective.”

Wonderland highlighted the purely nonsensical quality of Bondarenko’s tweet, retweeting the original reply on her account. “Can’t wait to get in the studio & make music with my tits,” Wonderland later tweeted, only further underscoring the ignorance of Bondarenko’s comment.

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