Alok remixes Mick Jagger’s ‘Gotta Get A Grip’Gotta Get A Grip Alok Remi

Alok remixes Mick Jagger’s ‘Gotta Get A Grip’


Mick Jagger joined the fray of British rockers making songs that allude to their disgust with the current state of the world with his Brexit-inspired “Gotta Get A Grip.” Now, Alok takes a swing for creating a suitable version of the original as an official remixer.

The Brazilian up-and-comer subtly re-fashions “Gotta Get A Grip” into a mid-tempo 4/4 piece, keeping Mick Jagger’s voice and adjoining guitar solos as the cornerstone elements of the production. While better suited for at-home listening, Alok still creates a memorable re-work that shows off his diverse abilities to fans.



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