Anderholm offers gorgeous violin rework of Lane 8’s ‘Fingerprint’ANDERHOLM IDEA

Anderholm offers gorgeous violin rework of Lane 8’s ‘Fingerprint’

Anderholm may not yet be a household name, or one many are familiar with, but his work speaks volumes.

Among the newest of additions to Lane 8‘s This Never Happened family, the Ukranian artist is one of Lane 8’s first highlights on his new showcase of melodic house. Taking shape as an EP titled Root To Branch Volume 1, the release brings together three exciting and mysterious new talents: Limara, Khaen and Anderholm. Each track was previously featured as an ID on Lane 8’s recent seasonal mixtapes.

Anderholm’s “Fingerprints” reworking stands out in particular for the gorgeous violin flip that serves as the track’s heartbeat. Its etherealness ambiance breathes new life into an already hauntingly beautiful tune.


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