BREAKING: Avicii announces release date for new EP, ‘Avīci’Avicii

BREAKING: Avicii announces release date for new EP, ‘Avīci’

Avicii is back.

Despite revealing to his fans on March 29, 2016 that he was retiring from a rollercoaster career in music, global progressive house juggernaut Tim Bergling vowed to “never let go of music.” Amidst rumors of addiction, career burnout, and illness, earlier this year, the producer resolved to return to music with a world class album.

In a move that’s been months in the making, Bergling announced on August 3 a new EP along with a Hollywood spectacle-style trailer. Interestingly, the promotional video — posted to his social media accounts — features some dimly-veiled dates for what turns out to be the EP’s actual release time in the cities of Los Angeles, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Reykjavik, London, Stockholm, Moscow, Mumbai, Tokyo, and Sydney.

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