Avicii releases mysterious lyric video to accompany ‘Lonely Together’Avicii Live Doing Tim Things

Avicii releases mysterious lyric video to accompany ‘Lonely Together’

Avicii has returned after a two year hiatus, and he has released not only a new EP but a brand new lyric video to accompany hit single “Lonely Together” with vocals by Rita Ora. “Lonely Together” has already broken into the charts in 32 separate countries, and the lyric video is an animation that will make up part of a series.

It depicts traveling through space where we see two astronauts venturing together, yet seemingly separate. The lyrics themselves tell the story of two people who are together but not good for one another.

The video evokes a certain level of mystery, and it will be interesting to see if future installments of the animation series bring any clarity.


H/T: Metro

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