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Why B-more’s underground dance music scene makes Moonrise Festival holy grounds

When considering the East Coast dance music scene, Baltimore is rarely among the first three cities that come to mind. NYC, DC and Philly all compete with Baltimore for attracting prominent artists — however, in more recent years, the diverse city has been making a name for itself as one of dance music’s most up and coming scenes.

Dubbed B-More by its residents, Baltimore has an expanding dance music community with a multitude of underground DJs who play at various clubs in the area, creating an eclectic variety of sounds and styles. Nightlife has always existed in Baltimore, as the city has a rich history of music, known for producing renown composers in the classical, jazz, doo wop, soul, and metal genres. With dance music on the rise over the past few years, Baltimore has also brought in notable artists such as Above & Beyond, Netsky, and Nero. Although the city is the largest in Maryland, one of the most unique aspects of B-more is how tight knit the community is, the Inner Harbor established as a common ground for devoted music aficionados to congregate.

Although dance music is firmly embedded in the mainstream now, the community has been present in Baltimore for many years. The scene initially was categorized by underground raves which were held in warehouses when inner-circle promotion came by word of mouth within these groups. B-more has transformed as the community expanded, and when venues brought in larger acts, the dance music scene moved out of warehouses and into established clubs throughout the area.

Moonrise Festival plays an extremely important role for the dance music community in B-More. The talent that comes through during Moonrise Festival inspires local DJs, showcases the city’s local culture, and gives fans living in Baltimore an opportunity to watch a collection of some of the biggest names in dance music preform.

Baltimore is special grounds for many reasons, Moonrise Festival signals a time of year when the city shines, as people come from all over the country to witness one of the summer’s most stacked lineups in a community that welcomes diversity and is renown for its unconditional acceptance. Dance music thrives in this rare type of setting, and the opportunity to experience the culture B-more has to offer at Moonrise festival, is one we can’t pass up.


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