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Bingo Players – Beat The Drum (Original Mix)

Just a month after the success of a remix of Charlie Puth‘s “Attention,” Bingo Players has released his “Beat The Drum” tune, which is now out on Hysteria Records.

Last year, Bingo Players’ Maarten Hoogstraten polished up a 10-year anniversary tour to honor his late partner Paul Baumer. Baumer passed away from cancer in 2013, and Hoogstraten has continued to produce music under the moniker, noting that Bingo Players will always be plural.

In addition to “Attention,” Bingo Players has also released “Bust This,” “No. 1 Disco” and “Tic Toc.” Hoogstraten follows these releases up with perfectly crafted “Beat The Drum.” The track is littered with snappy vocals, synthetic bass and a perfect four-on-the-floor beat for clubs. It’s a dance floor anthem and is also extremely infectious and funky in sound design, especially during the drop. “Beat The Drum” is a powerful tune to add to Bingo Players’ already stunning discography.

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