Claude VonStroke stuns on new EP, ‘Works Well With Others’Claude VonStroke

Claude VonStroke stuns on new EP, ‘Works Well With Others’

That he “works well with others” might be somewhat of a redundant statement. The founder and spearhead of Dirtybird Records and Green Velvet Get Real counterpart, Claude VonStroke has dug deep into the collaborative sandbox this year, going b2b with Dirtybird signees at the label’s flagship Dirtybird BBQ series, and placing his name next to big time collaborators on a variety of material engineered and released in 2017.

If further evidence of VonStroke’s affability as a collaborator was necessitated, VonStroke has provided a solid answer in the release of his new two-track EP, Works Well With Others. VonStroke’s first release since “The Rain Break” in 2016, Works Well With Others arrives as yet another impressive installment in VonStroke’s extensive musical library.

The EP features Will Clarke and Sebastian V on the EP’s rhythmic introductory track, “Daylight Dark Room.” VonStroke works with Clarke again on the EP’s second tune, the comparatively darker and percussive “Tiny Tambourine.” Punctuated by its imposing bass line, “Tiny Tambourine” exemplifies the masterful coupling of crisp percussion and bass, a flavor for which VonStroke fans have long fostered an appetite, and a style that has colored many Dirtybird releases.

Works Well With Others is a release that will collectively see listeners shake more than their “Tiny Tambourine.” Those interested in catching VonStroke live will want to attend Dirtybird’s Campout event in Bradley, California Oct. 6-8. More information on the Campout may be found here.

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