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Dancing Astronaut’s Top Tracks of July 2017

Every month, Dancing Astronaut compiles the top songs from the past 30 days into a single Spotify playlist. Vetted and considered by our cross-continental editorial staff, these are the best singles, remixes, and original tracks to have surfaced in the past month.

Located at the heart of festival season, July witnessed releases that will provide the soundtrack to the season’s close as the month melts into August.

Although thick in the midst of the season, July proved that a studio album announcement can never arrive too late, with Galantis unveiling the release date of their second album The Aviary, topping off the news with a euphoric musical cherry, the LP’s lead single, “True Feeling.”

As Galantis wowed fans with a new single, Rezz shared the third single from Mass Manipulation, “Premonition,” a track cut from the same sinister cloth as the two singles previously released off of the forthcoming album.

Whereas Rezz plunged us to the dark depths of her musical mind via “Premonition,” it was Odesza that conversely lifted us back to “Higher Ground” with their blissful Naomi Wild feature, notably the fifth single off of A Moment Apart.

Surprises abounded this month as Jauz and Crankdat lent fans an unexpected yet nevertheless welcome reason to celebrate the month of dance music, dropping their thunderous remix of “I Hold Still.”

The influx of new music this month might leave many “Tired,” but those who suspect themselves so will find renewal in Kygo’s stunning take on the Alan Walker track, such rejuvenation a necessity for August’s torrid finale.

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