Deadmau5 buys the last of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce…during his weddingDeadmau5

Deadmau5 buys the last of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce…during his wedding

Deadmau5 marched to a new beat this weekend — wedding bells.

Although he proclaimed that he would be going ghost on the Internet for a minimum of two-days to offer the nuptials his undivided attention, deadmau5 couldn’t resist the temptation to plug back in, though for a very good reason.

McDonald’s acclaimed supply of its Mulan Szechuan Sauce — a promotional item for the 1998 Disney film of the same name which has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the animated series Rick and Morty — boiled down to its final batches this weekend. writer, Robert Workman, was one of a total three people to receive the last stores of the sauce.

Workman listed his batch on eBay where it sold for more than $15,000. The winning bidder turned out to be deadmau5. deadmau5’s wedding ceremony was ongoing when Workman tweeted at Deadmau5, informing him that the second chance bidder backed out of the auction, leaving Deadmau5 to finish the deal.

Just as with his fiancée, deadmau5 closed on the sauce, earning both a beautiful wife, and the wedding gift of the age this weekend.

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