Bonnaroo organizers’ Denver festival will kick off in 2018Crowd Dubfire SBDSC 6435

Bonnaroo organizers’ Denver festival will kick off in 2018

Colorado has it all.

Rolling hills, roaring metropolises, mountain ranges, greenery as far as the eye can see (eh), and now a three-day music festival from one of the field’s leading innovators. As Superfly Productions — purveyors of Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and San Francisco’s Outside Lands — has just signed a five-year contract for the three-day festival beginning in 2018.

Denver’s city council voted 10-3 approving the festival to take place at Overland Park Golf Course, with the event reportedly slated for the second or third weekend in September.

While there’s currently no name for the festival, Superfly does promise an expansive range of acts, from local bands to big names.

The contract signed by the city also contains provisions for the neighborhood, including safety and revenue that Superfly must adhere to. Of course, some city officials did have misgivings about the location of the festival itself, feeling somewhere else may be a better fit. Denver Councilman Kevin Flynn told the Denver Post, “Just in my gut, it seems like the wrong location to me.” 

Regardless of any doubt of the festival promoter’s location choice, the festival is projected to bring in $2 million of profit once it reaches its 70,000 capacity — and of course a good time for all right off the bat. 

Superfly’s Denver venture is expected to open its gates in September of 2018.

Via: Denver Post

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