Diplo drops ‘Blow Your Head’ season 2 trailer, detailsDiplo Billboard

Diplo drops ‘Blow Your Head’ season 2 trailer, details

Diplo has teamed up with director Shane McCauley for six documentaries profiling the musicians of today dubbed Blow Your Head . In the series’ second season, Diplo and friends travel to South Africa, Kenya, New Orleans and other locations in search of new talent that sheds light to their culture and world.

Episode one takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the boys of Material Culture show-off their Pantsula dance skills. Episode two sees McCauley explore Cairo, Egypt with Sadat, a star of the emerging musical genre Maheraba. The third episode is set in New Orleans with a bounce artist Delish, and in the fourth, McCauley takes the fans to Kenya. The fifth sees McCauley in Durban, South Africa and the sixth is yet another New Orleans feature.

“Pure creativity, talent, and an expression of youth at a time before someone tells you ‘you can’t do that.” -Shane McCauley

“Blow Your Head” premiered in 2012 as a web-magazine with a docuseries of short videos exploring the lesser known-artists of the world. The title comes from a Fred Wesley & The JB’s song and what started as a collaboration with Diplo is now its own vision of the young music scene worldwide.

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