Drezo unveils nefarious remix of Nas’ ‘Made You Look’Drezo Nas

Drezo unveils nefarious remix of Nas’ ‘Made You Look’

The king of sinister sounds, Drezo, has released a wicked remix of Nas‘ “Made You Look” showcasing overwhelming waves of bass and staggering, ominous beats. The remix features dark, pulsating undertones, evil, distorted vocals and is tied together by gripping builds and spellbinding, earth-shattering drops.

The release follows Drezo’s three track EP, Jaded, which dropped about a month ago and garnered widespread support for its foreboding ingenuity and provocative, unique production. Drezo’s signature sound is unlike anything being created in the dance music realm, as the LA-based producer has dubbed his style as straight “evil not house music.” With his remix of “Made You Look,” Drezo welcomes us to the new, bringing an unmatched intensity that can only mean the best is yet to come.

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