DROELOE release unique ‘A Moment In Time’ EPDROA

DROELOE release unique ‘A Moment In Time’ EP

DROELOE‘s freshly released A Moment In Time has captured one of the most unique vibes in dance music all year.

Over the past few releases, it’s become clear that the duo is fully conscience of this new soundscape they’ve tapped into. They explore this new-found land beautifully in their five-track EP released earlier this week, A Moment in Time. The duo presents their unique style of percussion in a new shade with each passing song, tied together by the theme of time spanning more than 20 years.

They posted their thoughts on what the EP means to them on Facebook coinciding with A Moment In Time‘s release.

“The EP is about small moments and little things in life. The small moments and little things that add up to make up the peaks and valleys of everything you do and everything that happens to you in your life. Each track on the EP is inspired by one of these moments from our own lives. The experience of going on tour in the U.S. for the first time as an up & coming duo. The feeling of being in complete control while performing onstage but stressing about that bottle of water you want to buy at the airport because you’re low on cash. A Moment In Time tells all of those stories.”

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