Ghost Pong

Emancipator comes out of the woodwork on chilling new track ‘Ghost Pong,’ confirms new LP

Portland-based producer Emancipator has, at last, emerged from his sonic seclusion. After sharing on Instagram earlier in June that his new album was done, fans have been patiently awaiting the day Doug Appling would unveil the new tunes.

Exploring the laid-back and sonically open side of electronic music that he became widely known for, Appling returns with a brand new track, “Ghost Pong.” Incorporating random field recordings, “Ghost Pong” is a chilling track that remains in the dark with its soulfully-executed quintessential violin integration.

While the details still remain unknown, Appling’s also confirmed his new LP — the first since 2015’s Seven Seas —will be out shortly.

“I’ve been inspired lately to return to making melodic instrumental Hip-Hop and this one has a chilling vibe to it which felt right,” Appling told Billboard in an emailed statement. “This specific song was born from a field recording when we had a ping pong table on tour with us.” Listen to “Ghost Pong” below.

H/T: Billboard

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