EXCLUSIVE: Elrow teases compilation album with a Di Chiara Brothers originalPORTADA CD ELROW 2

EXCLUSIVE: Elrow teases compilation album with a Di Chiara Brothers original

The elrow club concept that originated in Spain and has been spreading throughout Europe ever since, has one simple defining feature: all are welcome. Presenting a spectacular twist on the traditional club show, elrow is a real sensory explosion of sight and sound. Think mega-parties of Vegas with their full of bursts of light, confetti, and sound with none of the pressure. Now, insert trapeze artists soaring through the air, eclectic props and elaborate set design, and stilt walkers towering above you.

The club has become a hit in Barcelona and Ibiza, and now elrow’s residents, Toni Varga, de la Swing, Marc Maya, and George Privatti, have just announced their debut compilation, elrow Vol. 1. The album, released through Cr2, will be a sonic representation of the soundtrack that fuels their outrageously colorful parties.

To celebrate its release, the Cr2 studio has put out a fun and forward-thinking techno track that captures elrow’s experience and encapsulates the Ibiza dance music sound. “After Party” from Di Chiara Brothers embodies everything fans have come to love about the elrow brand, with a driving beat and a series of bright snares keeping the track fresh. Fans everywhere are already preparing



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