Exclusive: Tiga achieves catharsis in new single, ‘Woke’Tiga Press Shot Photo Credit Femme De Arkozy Copy

Exclusive: Tiga achieves catharsis in new single, ‘Woke’

Tiga made a momentous return to the limelight in 2016 with No Fantasy Required, his first full-length album in seven years. And, while many producers may have rested on their laurels after such an accomplishment, the Turbo Recordings head has done quite the opposite. If anything, the artist’s most recent studio LP acted as an impetus for an incredibly prolific 2017.

In the past year, Tiga has managed both to innovate and respect his roots with his January single, “Eye Luv U,” and his heavily-lauded reunion with Audion on the Nightclub EP in April. On his newest single, “Woke,” the Canadian icon joins forces once again with Jori Hulkonnen, reprising the partnership which birthed his ubiquitous 2014 hit, “Bugatti.”

Stylistically, Tiga and Hulkonnen’s newest endeavor echoes the sensibilities of “Bugatti,” pairing the the former’s forcefully nonchalant vocals with cerebrally raw, electro-driven synthesis. Lyrically, however, the two songs are quite different in their inspirations. Where “Bugatti” seemed to celebrate the luxuries of success (albeit, in a lampooning fashion), “Woke” refers to the need for personal freedom in a technologically-dominated age.

“Woke is a song about freedom, specifically my freedom,” Tiga asserts. “About me, at the end of the earth, pushed towards a final act of emancipation: throwing my phone into the sea, and watching it sink.”

Tiga further elaborates upon his inspiration for the song:

“People may have a hard time empathizing with a successful DJ, or anyone who associates an annoying buzzword with anything approaching enlightenment. But I don’t think it’s that hard to relate to feeling like you’ve entered into a lopsided bargain with a magic box that is more or less designed to hack its way into your self-image. Call it an empty gesture, but as I hurled my phone into the water, it was very much an instance of facing up to something I knew wasn’t good for me, and finding some sense of release, if only for a moment.”

Following his cathartic act of phone destruction, Tiga quips, “If you need to get ahold of me, send a letter to 111 The Seashore C/O A Free Man.” Stream “Woke” ahead of its August 4 release and view Tiga’s upcoming tour dates below; preorder the track here.

Tiga tour dates (DJ set):

Friday, 4 August  Hï, Ibiza, Spain (BBC Radio 1)
Saturday, 5 August  V Club, Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal
Monday, 7 August Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium
Saturday, 12 August  Delirium Festival, Santander, Spain
Sunday, 13 August Brunch in the Park, Barcelona
Friday, 25 August   Zurich Openair, Zurich, Switzerland
Saturday, 26 August  Mantra Beach Club, Odessa, Ukraine
Sunday, 27 August   Electric Brixton (SW4 After Party), London, UK
Wednesday, 30 August  Hyte, Amnesia, Ibiza, Spain
Friday, 1 September  Smolna 38, Warsaw Poland
Friday, 15 September  Rich’s, Houston, TX, USA
Saturday, 16 September Heart, Miami, FL ,USA
Saturday, 23 September  Paradise, Avant Gardner, New York, USA

Featured image by Femme de $arkozy.

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