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FDA pushes MDMA to Phase II testing, identifies drug as “breakthrough” in PTSD treatment

Officials have long contemplated ecstasy’s ability to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — since 2011, to be exact. And yet, while the drug has demonstrated positive results in its ability to alleviate PTSD symptoms in the time since, including flashbacks and mental/emotional stress, it is only now that the US FDA has pushed MDMA to Phase II trials of PTSD treatment, sending the substance forth as a “breakthrough.”

The Phase II assessments of MDMA’s role in PTSD treatment are expected to cost $25 million, a bill that the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies will foot. The test series may conclude as early as 2021.

Prior to Phase II testing, MDMA performed exceedingly well as a PTSD remedy. Test subjects were administered three different dosages of the drug, the full dose registering at 125 mg. An “optional supplemental dose” of 62.5 mg followed that initial dose one and a half to two and a half hours later.

Remarkably, of a total 107 subjects, 61% no longer demonstrated PTSD symptoms after two months. After a full year, 68% did not. If MDMA advances to Phase III trial testing, it will be the first time that this kind of “psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy” will have progressed to Phase III examination, signifying that MDMA may be used as a prescription assuming that it continues to prove effectual in its remaining trial stages.

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