Flapo ft. Josh Rubin – Us (Original Mix)Flapo

Flapo ft. Josh Rubin – Us (Original Mix)

Colombian producer and instrumentalist Flapo has spent his life expressing his intimate creativity through music. At a young age, he discovered instruments like guitar and bass, and he eventually began producing everything from hip-hop to electronic.

“I really wanted to do something different with this track. Josh and I wrote this song back in 2015 but it remained untouched for all of 2016. I decided to get back at it this year, when I finally had the inspiration to finish it. I hope you guys like it as much as I do.”

His latest, “Us,” features a more downtempo vibe with an easy beat, bittersweet lyrics and colorful vocals by Josh Rubin. Flapo is known for his relaxing, yet enthralling style that features vocalists who mesh perfectly with his experimental, laid-back feel. With his latest, Flapo brings a flare of his own artistry to the table, showcasing a song that can only be described as a mellifluous, transcendent masterpiece.

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