Goldwash releases groovy, catchy, emotional track ‘Episode’Goldwash Why Hide It

Goldwash releases groovy, catchy, emotional track ‘Episode’

Soon after the debut of his new live show, Goldwash released the second single and title track from his forthcoming EP, Episode. The production embodies the young artist’s sound and as such, is the next big step in his funky, existential journey.

A track like this can only come from in-the-moment inspiration, which is exactly how it came together. He says, “I woke up on my 23rd birthday with the chorus of ‘Episode’ fully formed in my head. A few weeks later, the events described in the verses happened, and I knew I had to put the pieces together.”

On top of being an incredible producer, Goldwash is a true musician and songwriter — qualities that are all too often lost on the current generation. As with all of his music, “Episode” masterfully communicates powerful feelings throughout. As the producer puts it, “The story is sad and confusing, but I hope the song feels good enough that you might not notice the meaning the first time around.”

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