Ibiza bans live music from 16 beach clubs in effort to reclaim beachesScreen Shot 2017 08 08 At 11.59.17 PM

Ibiza bans live music from 16 beach clubs in effort to reclaim beaches

Sixteen Ibiza-based beach clubs will no longer be permitted to host DJs or live music acts.

Bora Bora, Blue Marlin, and fourteen other popular beach clubs will be affected by a live music ban, newly imposed by the San Jose municipal town hall. The restriction represents Ibiza’s effort to return the Balearic island’s beaches to Ibiza’s residents. Despite the influx of tourists that travel to Ibiza with dance music on the mind, other tourists traveling to the Mediterranean hotspot have joined locals in their complaints about the beach clubs, stating that the clubs frequently section off portions of the beaches for customers, limiting the amount of available beach space. Beach club security has additionally been reported as “aggressive” in enforcing the areas solely available to beach club attendees.

Internationally recognized as a partier’s paradise, Ibiza is advancing on its restrictive spree — Ibiza’s tourism head, Pilar Carbonell, sought a ban on alcohol sales to those flying to the White Isle last month, a measure that if approved, would stop alcohol sales in terminals, and would additionally extend to halt the consumption of alcohol on flights destined for the island. Two-weeks prior, Ibiza passed its Balearic Tourist law, reminding venues that they can only increase the stringency of the laws already in place, i.e. noise level laws, not abate them.

With Ibiza authorities determined to regulate the island’s entertainment related action, further limitations can only be expected in the future.

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