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Ibiza nightlife entities seeking stricter measures against unlicensed events

Ibiza is seeking to expel the illegal parties frequently held in “large-scale villas” on the island. As legislation that proposes to place a cap on the total beds available to tourists in Ibiza moves towards legal implementation, a group of clubs and bars located on the Balearic island are making a move in the next legislative direction, lobbying for more stringent action against unlicensed events. Comprised of twenty seven entities, the group, dubbed the “Leisure Association of Ibiza,” includes prominent beach clubs like the Blue Marlin Ibiza, and high profile nightclubs like Hï Ibiza.

Managed by Jose Luis Benitez, the Leisure Association of Ibiza deems such illegal and unlicensed activities as the catalyst for Ibiza’s reputation as an uncontrolled drug ridden party destination. “It’s time to end this harmful image that’s repeated every summer,” Benitez asserted.

Fines collected at the expense of Ibiza homeowners who host comparable illegal gatherings have totaled up to €84,000, or $98,602.56 U.S. dollars this year.

Via: Resident Advisor

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