Kaytranada drops delightfully funky remix of Gorillaz’s ‘Strobelight’Screen Shot 2017 08 18 At 10.25.42 AM

Kaytranada drops delightfully funky remix of Gorillaz’s ‘Strobelight’

The third track off the album that would re-introduce Gorillaz to the music industry after a seven-year hiatus, “Strobelite” shone as a soulful and successful execution of a different aesthetic for the English band. “Strobelight’s” key distinguishing factor from past Gorillaz branded releases is its retro flair — the song wades into disco/R&B territory, bearing stylistic elements of each genre in a smooth cohesion of sounds.

Kaytranada had previously announced his intent to put forth a remix of the Humanz track, delivering his take on the tune to hordes of Gorillaz fans curious to see just how the Canadian producer will manipulate the song. Although Kaytranada preserves much of the song’s defining soulful nature, he doesn’t hesitate to add his own creative twist, plunging the number a layer deeper in funk levels via the addition of atmospheric dub and percussive elements. The Kaytranada re-imagination noticeably dims the “Strobelite” for a more intimate impression of the original.

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