Krewella shares sneak peak of ‘New World Pt. 1’ remix EP with remixes from Dyro, Justin CarusoKrewella 1

Krewella shares sneak peak of ‘New World Pt. 1’ remix EP with remixes from Dyro, Justin Caruso

The name Krewella means one thing: unyielding momentum.

After dropping New World: Part 1, the Yousaf sisters’ followup to 2016’s EP, Ammunition, Krewella unveiled a corresponding 28-date North American New World Tour slated for Fall of 2017.

Yet the toils of tour orchestration have far from restricted Krewella from releasing an influx of new material associated with New World: Part 1. Last week, Krewella uploaded the music video for their Diskord feature, “Fortune.” Today, the sisters offer a sample of what is to come on the forthcoming New World Part 1: The Remixes EP, issuing two singles off of the EP, due in full on Monday, August 7th.

The complete remix package will feature takes by Havok Roth, Vice City, and more re-imaginations of Krewella’s work that are preceded by Justin Caruso‘s spin on “Parachute,” and Dyro‘s remix of “TH2C.”

Taking “a leap of faith, no parachute,” echoing the song’s lyrics in his remix initiative, Justin Caruso only slightly modifies the track, a gentle exposure of the Krewella sisters’ vocal range. Through the addition of a heavier, yet not overpowering, background bass line most prominently exposed at the track’s drop, Caruso lends a tempered intensity to Parachute.

On the rougher side of the remix package looms Dyro’s version of TH2C, a more overt distortion of the original track in that, while it preserves the vocals, it delivers a noticeable deviation in its incorporation of a grating dubstep drop that roars throughout the track, elevating the song from a vocally dependent defiance anthem to an immersive head banging number.

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