KSHMR dominates Beatport Top 100 list with 14 tracksKshmr

KSHMR dominates Beatport Top 100 list with 14 tracks

KSHMR stays winning.

After the mysterious artist rose to fame after his successes as a ghost producer, he’s now attained an impressive list of monster collaborations with artists like Tiesto to go with of an incredibly unique production style and his very own label premiere. With this in mind, it’s no surprise we’re hearing his name none stop.  KSHMR has been consistently setting himself apart through his persistence and through the regenerative resilience of his music.

Considering he just dropped his Materia EP one might expect the artist would take a break, but true to his character he’s not showing any signs of stopping soon. New music is likely just around the corner. In fact, the artist currently has 14 of his tracks in the Beatport top 100 list.

The only other artist that comes to mind having achieved this monumental success is deadmau5 — a peer that speaks for itself. Of course with the scene dripping in new tunes, it’s an accomplishment to even have a few tracks that make it to the list and stay — certainly this is an indication of KSHMR’s capabilities. It’s likely even more will top the list very soon.

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