KSHMR releases ‘Materia’ EP, first EP release on Dharma WorldwideKshmr

KSHMR releases ‘Materia’ EP, first EP release on Dharma Worldwide

KSHMR has released his heavily awaited Materia EP on Dharma Worldwide — the producer’s very own label. The EP marks Dharma Worldwide’s first ever release. It’s a pretty monumental moment for the newly-founded label.

KSHMR continues to infatuate his fans with perfectly-saturated big room electronic music by lacing it with Indian-infused elements. His Materia EP is exactly that: Indian-infused and influenced big room electronic music. Reasonably so, there is no match for KSHMR’s sound in this audio spectrum. Materia combines KSHMR’s legendary sound with artists and producers like Snails, JDG, Mariana BO, Maurice West, and No Mondays.

Beginning the EP is “Festival Of Lights” — which features Maurice West. Beautifully plucked guitars and impeccably sung vocals bring the energy and ensure Materia gets started on the right foot. Sliding and stabbing synths come together to deliver a smashing drop for “Festival Of Lights.” KSHMR grabs hold with JDG and Mariana BO to sprint into “Kolkata.” The second piece is perhaps the most recognizable big room tune due to its distant melody during the drop and heavy kick and bass combination. KSHMR then takes to the seas to showcase “The Serpant” with the self-proclaimed “vomitstep” producer, Snails. KSHMR takes over during the introduction and outro, and then hands the baton to Snails for the drops to allow for maximum filth. To bring everything to a close, KSHMR involves No Mondays on “Divination.” The quick transitions between chord progressions and sections within the song, yet remaining diverse throughout are completely unmatched and close out the EP wonderfully.

You can stream KSHMR’s Materia EP via Dharma Worldwide’s SoundCloud below.

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