Laughing gas sales are on a 400% rise in the Netherlands84598263 Cash

Laughing gas sales are on a 400% rise in the Netherlands

A recent study carried out by the BBC determined that laughing gas’ sales are skyrocketing in the Netherlands at a 400% increased rate. This increase first began when the government changed the law so it was no longer classified as a medicine — allowing companies to sell canister of the gas online and over the counter.

The country has developed a tolerance policy to the sale of soft drugs in designated spaces – so while it’s still considered a criminal offense, their use isn’t prosecuted.

When asked for a comment by BBC, Blokker, a chain of stores that sell the gas, said the store “had taken measures including making it available only on request and limiting the number of packages it sold to each customer.” Such sales as Blokker’s align with the country’s liberal attitude to recreational drugs. BBC went so far as to describe the Dutch philosophy of soft drugs as to “inform and educate rather than legislate.”

The nation’s substantial sale increase has been confirmed via wholesalers in the country, who have pinpointed the rise on online companies, raising concerns about the lesser known risks of the popular dance music associated high moving forward.

Featured image courtesy of BBC.

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