Launchpad: Amp up your Sunday with this bass-heavy playlistLaunchpad

Launchpad: Amp up your Sunday with this bass-heavy playlist

Launchpad is a playlist series showcasing music we love, hand selected by our staff. The tracks come from both emerging and mainstream artists; it’s all about the quality and the unexpected. If you’d like your music featured in Launchpad, submit it for consideration here.

This week’s Launchpad is meant to amp up the end of your weekend. Whether you’re going for a run, cleaning the house, or simply just reliving the highs of the weekend, this playlist has you covered.

DA Launchpad Selects:
Quiet Disorder – “Back Once Again”
This basshouse track comes out and smacks you right in your face from the first drop and doesn’t back down.

LUUDE – “Sticky Tape”
Christian Benson from Perth, Australia combines a trap production with some equally heavy bass-infused drops, all while managing to include a vocal sample from Noisa’s “Entangled.”

Quiet Disorder – “Back Once Again”
Discrete – “Livin’ at Manboo”
Why So Serious – “Familiar”
Cymatics – “Signal (M3RC Remix)”
Satellite Empire – “Thrones (Last Heroes Remix)”
Future Magic x Jilbare x PRZM – “Lawless”
Lukas Oppenheimer – “Vision (feat. Ben Walter)”
EJ – “Take Control of Me (Vion Konger Remix)”
Sober Rob – “EMP (feat. Alexander Lewis)”
Inkline – “Carbon Play”
LUUDE – “Sticky Tape”

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