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The limit does not exist: 63-year-old DJ proves age is but a number behind the booth

Earlier this year, some rather depressing news made it into the limelight. Brought to light by Currys PC World, research suggested that anyone above the age of 37 ought to rethink their night of clubbing — deeming age 37 the new “tragic.”

While this news is obviously total rubbish — even by a young person’s standards — Bristol-based “DJ Double-Barrel,” real name Bernie Edwards, would also seem to disagree. Edwards is 63 and proving age is but a number behind the DJ booth.

In a video produced by UK-based insurance company SunLife, Bernie reveals how at 50 he, at last, gained the confidence to get behind the turntables. Now at 63, he runs his very own party series as DJ Double-Barrel where he spins solely 7” records.

Party on Bernie, inspiring a new age of DJs is a mighty feat. Just because one’s age may be advanced, doesn’t mean they have to act old too.

Via: Mixmag

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