Listen to the Skrillex-produced Fifth Harmony song, “Angel”Fifth Harmony C63942e8 266f 43fb 9537 41bd327f789d

Listen to the Skrillex-produced Fifth Harmony song, “Angel”

Skrillex is a man of many shades — from massive bass tunes to pop jams, he knows how to hit the sweet spot. Skrillex and Poo Bear were behind Fifth Harmonies latest single “Angel,”  their second single promoting their upcoming album which is set to release on August 25. The producer pair did a great job highlighting the girls’ vocals, crafting a deep bass canvas with minimal percussion and synths that results in a palatable record for the masses.

Fifth Harmony lost their 5th member Cabello several months ago, who will be releasing her own album later this year. Stream “Angel” in full below.




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