Luca Lush – Boy Brushed Blue (Original Mix)Luca Lush Boy Brushed Blue ART 1

Luca Lush – Boy Brushed Blue (Original Mix)

Luca Lush has been a constant and welcome presence in 2017. After dropping a remix of Lil Pump’s “Molly” earlier this month, the producer continues his stream of releases with a brand new original track, “Boy Brushed Blue.”

“Boy Brushed Blue” features vocals chopped into a bouncy melody, until Luca Lush brings the song down to a hush with subdued synths, drums, and a few heavily auto-tuned lines from an unknown vocalist. The producer fills out the track with a high energy future bass drop and hard hitting percussion, pausing only briefly to bring back the distorted croons of the singer. “Boy Brushed Blue” carries on with a triumphant, saxophone infused second half before closing with a somber outro. The producer’s diverse selection of production tactics once again results in a track that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

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