Madalen Duke – Gucci Store (Mickey Valen Remix)Mickey Vallen Gucci Store

Madalen Duke – Gucci Store (Mickey Valen Remix)

From Hypem chart-toppers to viral hits on Spotify, rising artist Mickey Valen has shown time and time again that this hustle and creative output knows no bounds. His remix for Madalen Duke’s “Gucci Store” is out today and could very well be his finest work to date.

His thought process with his newest release is quite simple. With the resurgence of the luxury Gucci brand in pop culture, Valen took it upon himself to make something both fun and relatable to his old fans and new. He had this to say in regards to his remix, “When I heard Gucci Store, I immediately wanted to create a remix that portrayed the Gucci brand; over the top flashy and consistently trendy. Madalen’s lyrics were really playful so I wanted to create a drop that took the story and empowered the singer and listener even more throughout the song.” Mickey is one of the few artists that won’t sacrifice quality for creativity and from the sound of it, his “Gucci Store” remix has the elements of yet another hit to add to his expanding arsenal of tunes.