New Snapchat feature stitches concert footage togetherMysteryland Crowd At Concert Daytime

New Snapchat feature stitches concert footage together

Concert footage on Snapchat is getting a makeover that’ll make for a fresher, more seamless viewing experience.

The app’s creators have introduced a feature called “Crowd Surf” that uses artificial intelligence to stitch together a variety of users’ footage, sensing when a number of people are recording the same musical experience. Crowd Surf pulls the clips together for a more cohesive view of the performance, where app users can scroll through different views of the show. By stitching these clips together, viewers are able to watch more than 10-second clips from different angles of the concert. Whenever the Crowd Surf icon is lit up, viewers can tap to see a new angle.

App users can access Crowd Surf below their friends’ recent stories in the featured section. Snapchat tested out the feature at Lorde‘s recent Outside Lands performance in San Francisco. As attendees recorded the singer’s performance of “Green Light,” the Crowd Surf compiled the footage and let Snapchat users view the song introduction from a variety of angles.

Snapchat plans for Crowd Surf to be available at more public events in the future including concerts and speeches.

See it in action below.

H/T: TechCrunch

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