New study suggests that only 34.7% of MDMA sold in the USA is pureMDMA

New study suggests that only 34.7% of MDMA sold in the USA is pure

It’s a well known fact that with the rise of festival season, MDMA sales also increase exponentially, as festival attendees turn to their favorite party drug to enhance their festival experience.

However, these little pills of happiness might not contain the purported party drug. A new study by American Addiction Centers suggests that only 34.7% of MDMA pills are pure, supplementing previous reports that suggested only 60% of pills contained any MDMA at all.

The study further goes on to reveal that 1 in 12 pills contains ‘speed’ as its major constituent, and that the purity of Ecstasy pills has been steadily declining over the past few years. In fact, 1 in every six pills of MDMA contains an unidentifiable constituent. So given the purity (or lack of) of MDMA pills in current circulation, it’s unsurprising that there has been an eight-fold increase in psychostimulant-related deaths since 1999.

The truth is people have no way to tell what they are taking just by looking at it. New chemical components are being laced with these drugs every year, and the results can be fatal.

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