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New York City government votes in favor of nightlife office, task force

New York City will soon begin staffing spots in its nightlife office and task force, the proposal to elect an office of twelve members whose specialization will center around the city’s buzzing nightlife scene now solidified by the Consumer Affairs Committee’s vote in favor of the initiative.

Heading the nightlife task force will be the Nighttime Ambassador, the chief conduit between the appointed nightlife council and business entities working within the New York nightlife industry. The Nighttime Ambassador will have a myriad of nightlife-related responsibilities, ranging from the submission of recommendations on improving laws and policies imposed on nightlife activity to “support with licensing and permits” for nightlife venues.

New York City’s nightlife industry accounts for more than $9.7 billion dollars, rendering the establishment of such a council a necessity in the continued flourishing of the metropolitan industry. New York’s Media and Entertainment commissioner, Julie Menin notes “It [the nightlife industry] is also a vital part of the city’s economy generating hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic output. Yet in recent years, over 20 percent of small music venues in the city have closed. Our office aims to work with various stakeholders to both support the industry and ensure that community concerns are being addressed.”

The election of the Nighttime Ambassador mirrors that of similar officials in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin, fellow entertainment and “cultural” capitals.

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